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Patient Management Systems

Input Optics has engaged in partnerships with Demand Force and JulySoft which we believe are the two best interactive systems to improve the profitability and productivity of your practice. Both of these patient management systems will reduce no-shows dramatically by automatically contacting patients by phone or e-mail.

DemandForce is an e-mail driven patient demand management system which offers a total approach for attracting, retaining and measuring patients and prospects. ARM your practice today.

Attract - Drive new business through online referral management
Retain - Automatically notify patients when they are in need of service
Measure - Ensure that you exceed customer expectations through patient feedback

Demandforce is an automated system which is seamlessly integrated with your practice management appointments calendar. The schedule is read by Demandforce and patient e-mail reminders are automatically sent. Daily reports show if patients have confirmed or not. If a continuing patient has not been in for cleaning in six months, Demandforce will automatically e-mail a service reminder. Patients not visiting for 12 months, an e-mail promotion will be automatically sent for perhaps a 10% discount on teeth cleaning. Demandforce automatically tracks the revenue derived from a promotion response. Referrals are encouraged when e-mails are sent to ongoing patients. Again, revenue is tracked from appointments commencing from new referral patients. A 10 question satisfaction questionnaire is automatically sent to patients after appointments. Scores are tracked and low returns are red flagged.

We are so confident in the Demandforce system, a 3 to 1 return on your monthly fee is guaranteed or the next month charge is free!

JulySoft is an automated phone call system which scans your upcoming schedule and automatically places brief reminder calls to all of your scheduled patients. This process is done straight from your computer. You set it up once and it makes all of your calls day after day with no staff needed. You can also improve office efficiency by reminding your clients to arrive early, bring insurance information etc. You can then print a report each day confirming that the calls were placed, along with the result of each call.

Call today to find out more about Demandforce and JulySoft 1-800-241-2241

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